Welcome to my life

Hey! While this is the very start of my blog, my journey with eczema started from birth, I finally decided to create a place to vent, record tips and tricks, share my journey and find out information from others who are in the same position, who knows I might find some friends along the way. 

Currently my eczema is having a flare up. I’ve been pretty lucky in the past as I’ve usually had my eczema somewhat under control and flare ups don’t last long. But this time it has lasted for a while and has been more painful than ever. 

I probably won’t post many pictures of skin irritation, mostly because if you’re reading my blog you probably already know what it looks like. If you don’t, a quick google search will show you. 

Feel free to share your own knowledge and thoughts, but please be kind. Kindness gets you more places that criticism, I want to create a safe and respectful place for people to share their thoughts. If you notice any information is not correct or comes from a shady source, let me know, but again please be kind. 

Love, Ashleigh